Postpartum Gift Ideas In 2023 (For The Crunchy Mom)

Bringing a new life into the world is a remarkable journey, but it's no secret that the postpartum period can be challenging. For the crunchy moms out there who prioritize natural and holistic solutions, I've curated a list of thoughtful Postpartum Gift Ideas to make this transition smoother. 

Postpartum Gift Ideas

Nothing can come close to that new mama feel. The whirlwind of contradicting emotions, the feeling that this little baby depends solely on you for this stage of their life, the hormone fluctuations of the fourth trimester, the sleep deprivation, and the joy that seems to burst out of your heart every time you see that infamous 'newborn scrunch' when you lift them to your arms. 

We always want to support a postpartum mom in whatever way they may need. But sometimes, frankly, we miss the mark entirely with most new mom gifts. 

Sure, newborn baby clothes are absolutely adorable. Yes, every mama appreciates wipes or diapers. The diaper bag, baby monitor, sound machine, and other baby essentials are probably very appreciated. But let's go a little beyond the status quo here with some more unique gifts for the crunchy mama in your life. 

postpartum mom and baby

We need to start supporting the mom's emotional and physical well-being after bringing a new baby into the world (arguably the hardest thing a person can do). So, let's dive into some new mom gift ideas to show that woman you care about her just as much as that adorable little baby. 

The best postpartum gifts show you care about them and their baby's wellbeing, you listen to their needs, and you want to offer something they will truly need and use. 

Whether you present these gifts at the baby shower, or drop a postpartum care package on the doorstep shortly after baby is born; these postpartum gift ideas are sure to please. 

Postpartum Gift Ideas

Whether you're a new mother yourself or searching for the perfect gift for a friend, this guide is here to help. Let's dive into the world of postpartum self-care, DIY gifts, and eco-friendly store-bought options for that crunchy mom in your life. 

Why Postpartum Gifts Matter

New parents, especially first-time moms, undergo a whirlwind of emotions during the postpartum period. It's a time of joy, but it can also be physically and emotionally demanding. 

Postpartum Gift Ideas

The right postpartum gifts offer support and comfort, making the early days of motherhood a little easier. It's the perfect way to show a new mom you care and that you're there for her. 

The Perfect Postpartum Gift: Emotional Support

One of the most precious gifts you can give a new mother is emotional support. Offer a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, or simply remind her that she's doing a fantastic job. Sometimes, a heartfelt conversation can be the perfect gift.

The journey into motherhood is a transformative experience, filled with a rollercoaster of emotions, and it's during this time that emotional support becomes an invaluable gift. For a new mother, the gift of emotional support goes beyond material items. It's about creating a safe and nurturing space where she can freely express her thoughts, feelings, and concerns.

postpartum mom and baby

Listening Ear: Sometimes, all a new mom needs is someone who genuinely listens. Offer your undivided attention when she wants to share her joys, fears, or frustrations. A listening ear can provide immense comfort, knowing that her voice is heard and her feelings are valid.

A Shoulder to Lean On: Parenthood, especially during the postpartum period, can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Be there as a source of strength—a dependable shoulder to lean on when she feels overwhelmed. Offering your support can help alleviate the weight of her responsibilities.

Reassurance: Motherhood often comes with self-doubt and questions about whether she's doing everything right. Remind her that she's doing a fantastic job. Offer words of encouragement and praise her efforts. Sometimes, a simple "You're an amazing mom" can lift her spirits.

Empathy and Understanding: Empathize with her experiences. Understand that every journey into motherhood is unique, and challenges may arise. Show empathy for her struggles and offer understanding without judgment. Let her know that it's okay to have difficult moments.

postpartum mom holding baby toes

Creating a Supportive Environment: Beyond conversations, create an environment where she feels supported. Offer to help with household chores, cook a meal, or take care of the baby for a little while so she can have some well-deserved rest. Your actions can speak volumes about your support.

Connecting with Others: Encourage her to connect with other moms who may be going through similar experiences. Share resources or suggest local support groups where she can build a network of fellow mothers who can provide additional emotional support.

Being Present: Sometimes, the most special gift is simply your presence. Spend quality time with her and the little bundle of joy. Offer to babysit for a few hours so she can have time to herself, or suggest going for a walk together to unwind and connect.

In the world of herbal remedies and natural living, emotional support is a cornerstone of well-being. It's the invisible thread that weaves through the fabric of a mother's postpartum journey, offering comfort, strength, and the reassurance that she's not alone. Your gift of emotional support is a precious contribution to her holistic well-being as she navigates the beautiful yet challenging path of motherhood.

DIY Postpartum Gift Ideas

Crafting your postpartum gifts adds a personal touch that many new moms appreciate. Here are some DIY ideas that incorporate the power of herbs and natural remedies.

1. Herbal Bath Salts

A relaxing soak in a warm bath can do wonders for a new mom's physical and emotional well-being. Bath bombs feel luxurious, but most bath bombs are filled with fragrances and fillers which don't support the new mom's healing body.

Create a DIY herbal bath salt blend using Epsom salt or magnesium flakes, dried lavender, and chamomile flowers. These aromatic herbs are known for their soothing properties, perfect for easing postpartum tension. 

Extra points if you make the lavender and chamomile into a bath tea with these reusable tea bags so she doesn't clog the drain with flowers!

2. Homemade Lactation Cookies

For nursing moms, lactation cookies can be a game-changer. Bake a batch of these delicious treats using flax seeds, oats, and brewer's yeast. They not only support milk production but also make a tasty snack during late-night feedings. I always loved having energy balls or bars on hand throughout my fourth trimester. 

3. Perineal Cooling Pads

Help the new mom soothe any discomfort from childbirth with homemade perineal cooling pad liners. A blend of witch hazel, aloe vera gel, and lavender essential oil can provide much-needed relief during the postpartum period.

I prepped my overnight pad liners by adding these ingredients to each pad, then wrapping them up to place them in a bag in the freezer. I then grabbed one out at a time and it provided amazing cooling relief!

4. Sitz Bath Herbal Blend

Prepare a fragrant herbal blend for sitz baths. A mix of calendula, comfrey, and Epsom salt can promote healing and comfort after a vaginal birth.

5. DIY Herbal Postpartum Tea 

Create a custom herbal tea blend using herbs like raspberry leaf, nettle, and chamomile. These herbs can support postpartum recovery, boost energy, and provide relaxation. Extra points if you include a smart mug that'll stay warm for her even during long nursing sessions. 

6. Homemade Nursing Balm 

Craft a soothing and nourishing nipple balm using ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and calendula-infused oil. This balm can help relieve soreness from breastfeeding.

7. Natural Belly Butter 

Whip up a luxurious belly butter using shea butter, cocoa butter, and vitamin E oil. This DIY creation can keep the skin hydrated and promote elasticity, perfect for  postpartum skin.

8. Aromatherapy Pillow Spray 

Make a calming pillow spray with essential oils like lavender and chamomile. There's a very good chance this new mom is losing lots of sleep each night. This spray can help the new mom relax and enjoy a restful night's sleep (well, as restful as it can be). 

You can also try a magnesium sleep spray for mom and baby to use topically!

9. Postpartum Healing Sitz Steam 

Prepare a blend of herbs like rosemary, sage, and rose petals for a postpartum sitz steam. This soothing steam can aid in healing and provide comfort during recovery.

10. Natural Hair Growth Serum 

Postpartum hair loss is no joke. You can either make your own hair growth serum with rosemary oil, apple cider vinegar, and other hair growth ingredients; or you can buy a quality serum online. 

11. Handmade Postpartum Recovery Journal 

Create a personalized postpartum recovery journal with inspirational quotes, encouraging messages, and space for the new mom to jot down her thoughts and experiences. It can be a therapeutic way to document her journey.

Postpartum Gift Ideas

Store-Bought Postpartum Gift Ideas

If you're short on time or prefer store-bought options, there are plenty of thoughtful gifts available that cater to the crunchy mom's preference for natural products. Here are some ideas:

1. Comfy Robe and Pajamas

A soft and comfy robe and pajama set made from organic cotton or bamboo is a perfect postpartum gift. It offers easy access for breastfeeding and ensures comfort during those sleepless nights.

2. Organic Nursing Pads 

Opt for reusable, organic cotton nursing pads that are gentle on the skin and eco-friendly. These pads provide comfort and absorbency during breastfeeding.

3. Natural Nipple Cream 

Look for a lanolin-free nipple cream made from natural ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter. It can soothe and moisturize sore nipples without harmful chemicals.

4. Baby Rash Cream

I like to make a whipped tallow balm for mom's newest addition. Tallow is super soothing to newborn skin, plus both mom and baby can use it for various needs! If you're not ready to make your own, there are some great salves or creams to purchase online!

5. Herbal Postpartum Recovery Kit

Consider gifting a comprehensive herbal postpartum recovery kit. These kits often include items like perineal sprays, herbal teas, sitz bath herbs, and soothing balms designed specifically for postpartum healing.

6. Bamboo Breastfeeding Pillow 

A supportive breastfeeding pillow made from bamboo fabric offers comfort during nursing sessions. Bamboo is known for its softness and breathability.

7. Aromatherapy Diffuser 

Provide the gift of relaxation with an aromatherapy diffuser. Include a set of essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus to help create a calming atmosphere.

8. Breastfeeding-friendly Water Bottle

Select a water bottle with a design that encourages hydration for the breastfeeding mom. Look for options that are easy to carry and have a built-in straw for convenience.

9. A Good Book 

For 4-6 weeks following birth, a mom's main duties are to allow her body to heal + snuggle and feed her newborn baby. This means there will be lots of downtime.

Most moms end up scrolling through social media (sometimes making a mental hardship even harder). I recommend including a good book in your postpartum gift box so she can relax and read throughout those slow weeks. 

10. Postpartum Belly Wrap

Consider a postpartum belly wrap made from breathable, stretchy fabric. These wraps provide support to the abdominal muscles and can be worn discreetly under clothing.

11. Organic Baby Care Set

Choose a set of natural and organic baby care products, including gentle baby shampoo, lotion, and diaper cream. These products align with the crunchy mom's preference for chemical-free options.

12. Reusable Cloth Diapers

Eco-conscious moms often appreciate reusable cloth diapers that are both environmentally friendly and budget-friendly. Look for sets with adjustable sizing for a perfect fit.

13. Meal Delivery Service 

Meals are a saving grace for any family, especially the family who just welcomed a new baby into the world. They don't have the time or energy to cook while they have so many other things on their minds.

Be an angel and consider gifting a meal delivery service in whatever capacity you can. Just once a week delivery for a month would go a long way for the new mom's peace of mind, health, and well-being. 

Postpartum Gift Ideas

Conclusion: Celebrate the New Mom

In the whirlwind of postpartum time, it's essential to celebrate the new mom's journey. Whether you choose to create your DIY gifts infused with the healing power of herbs or opt for eco-friendly store-bought options, the key is to show your love and support during this transformative time. 

You're already an amazing best friend of family member for reading and researching these postpartum gift ideas. I applaud you for going beyond what is expected and truly being their for your friend, sister, mother, cousin, aunt, or other. 

Postpartum Gift Ideas

Remember, the postpartum period is not only about physical recovery but also about emotional well-being. Your thoughtful gift can make all the difference, helping the new mom feel cared for, cherished, and ready to embrace her new role with confidence.

So, go ahead and choose the perfect postpartum gift that resonates with your crunchy mom friend or family member. It's not just a present; it's a reminder that you're there for them during this incredible journey into motherhood.

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