37 Herbal Books For Beginners (Herbalism Bookshelf)

Are you ready to embark on a herbal journey towards vibrant health and holistic well-being? You'll need the Best Herbal Books For Beginners. Whether you're curious about medicinal plants, eager to whip up herbal recipes, or seek natural remedies, I've got you covered. 

herbal books for beginners

In this article, I'll introduce you to the best herbs books for beginners, categorized by different niches within the world of herbalism. Let's dive in to building your herbalism bookshelf!

Foraging for Herbs

"The Herbal Medicine-Maker's Handbook" by James Green

  • A practical guide to foraging and making herbal preparations from the plants you gather.

"Backyard Medicine" by Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal

  • Discover the art of finding and using basic healing plants right in your backyard.

"The Forager's Guide to Wild Foods" by Christopher Nyerges

  • Explore the wild world of edible plants and fungi with this comprehensive guide.

"The Forager's Harvest" by Samuel Thayer

  • Learn about the specific information on edible wild plants in the United States.

"The Wild Wisdom of Weeds" by Katrina Blair

  • Discover the incredible potential of edible and medicinal weeds in your environment.

"Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and Not So Wild) Places" by Brill and Dean

  • More than 260 detailed line drawings help readers identify a wide range of plants -- many of which are suited for cooking by following the more than thirty recipes included in this book.

"Fearless Foraging: A Beginner's Guide to Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants" by Teagan Wenger

  • Learn the art of foraging for wild edible and medicinal plants.

"Grow Your Own Medicine" by David Hoffman

  • Explore how to cultivate your own medicinal herbs and create your remedies.

"Nature's Garden: A Guide to Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Edible Wild Plants" by Samuel Thayer

  • Explore a comprehensive guide to identifying and using edible wild plants.
herbal books for beginners

Medicinal Herbs

"Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner's Guide"

  • One of my favorite herbal books for beginners, offering detailed information on herbal preparations.

"Medical Herbalism" by David Hoffmann

  • Explore a great book that delves into the world of medical herbalism, offering insights into the use of medicinal plants.

"Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine" by Andrew Chevallier

  • An informative guide to the world of herbal medicine and remedies.

"Alchemy of Herbs" by Rosalee de la Forêt

  • This inviting book covers herbal profiles and herbal recipes for different conditions.

"The Complete Medicinal Herbal" by Penelope Ody

  • A comprehensive reference covering the properties and uses of various medicinal herbs.

"The Earthwise Herbal: A Complete Guide to Old World Medicinal Plants" by Matthew Wood

  • Dive into the world of traditional herbalism and the healing properties of old-world plants.

"Botany in a Day" by Thomas J. Elpel

  • A unique approach to plant identification and understanding the botanical families of medicinal plants.

"The Herbal Handbook: A User's Guide to Medical Herbalism" by David Hoffmann

  • A practical guide to medical herbalism, emphasizing the therapeutic uses of herbs.
herbal books for beginners

Herbal Remedies

"The Modern Herbal Dispensatory" by Thomas Easley and Steven Horne

  • A comprehensive guide that provides effective ways to create your own plant-based medicine.

"The Lost Book of Remedies" by Claude Davis

  • Discover a treasure trove of herbal remedies from nature.

"The Herbal Apothecary" by JJ Pursell

  • A well-organized toolkit offering herbal knowledge and a plethora of herbal recipes.

"Native American Herbalist’s Bible: 13 Books in 1" by Cheyenne Sioux Abequa

  • Discover the healing potential of African herbs and traditional remedies.

"The Green Witch" by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

  • Get in touch with the natural world through herbal healing and discover the plants' energetic qualities.

"Herbal Medicine for Natural Remedies" by Mary Thompson

  • Learn about natural remedies and herbal medicine for various ailments.

"The Essential Herbal for Natural Health" by Holly Bellebuono

  • This book provides an array of herbal remedies and holistic health advice.

"Herbal Medicine for Beginners" by Katja Swift and Ryn Midura

  • As beginner herbalists themselves, Katja and Ryn offer remedies and guidance perfect for newcomers.

"The Herbal Medicine-Maker's Handbook" by James Green

  • A hands-on guide to making herbal preparations and home remedies from scratch.

"Making Plant Medicine" by Richo Cech

  • Learn the art of making your own plant-based medicines with this informative guide.
herbal books for beginners

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbalism

"Chinese Herbal Medicine: Materia Medica" by Dan Bensky

  • An essential guide for those interested in traditional Chinese medicine and herbal treatments.

"Chinese Herbal Medicine For Beginners" by Carrie Chauhan 

  • Explore profiles on popular herbs, including their most common uses, before taking healing into your own hands with 100+ beginner-friendly recipes for Chinese herbal formulas.

"Energetic Herbalism for Beginners" by Mark Smith

  • Explore the energetic qualities of herbs and how they can support your well-being.

"The Way of Herbs" by Michael Tierra

  • A classic book that provides deep understanding of herbalism and its application in Chinese medicine.

"Chinese Herbal Medicine: The Formulas of Dr. John H.F. Shen" by Leon I. Hammer

  • Explore the formulas and insights of Dr. John H.F. Shen, a renowned figure in Chinese herbal medicine.

"Chinese Herbal Medicine: Modern Applications of Traditional Formulas" by Thomas Avery Garran

  • Delve into the modern applications of traditional Chinese herbal formulas.
herbal books for beginners

Herbal Reference Books

"The Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine" by Andrew Chevallier

  • An extensive herbal reference book with herbal profiles and detailed information on specific herbs.

"Herbal Antivirals" by Stephen Harrod Buhner

  • A go-to resource for herbal remedies, especially in times of health concerns.

"The Complete Herbal Tutor" by Anne McIntyre

  • A holistic guide offering in-depth knowledge on herbal medicine and holistic health.
herbal books for beginners

Holistic Health Educators

When it comes to learning the art of herbal medicine, having the right teachers can make all the difference. These holistic health educators have dedicated their lives to herbal wisdom and can guide you on your journey to becoming a skilled herbalist. Here are some of the best teachers of herbal medicine and where and how to find them:

Rosemary Gladstar

Best Known For: Rosemary Gladstar is a beloved figure in the world of herbalism. She's known for her extensive knowledge and her commitment to empowering others through herbal education.

Where to Find Her: Rosemary has authored several books, including "Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner's Guide." You can find her teachings in her books, online courses, and at herbal conferences and workshops.

Guido Masé

Best Known For: Guido Masé is a clinical herbalist, author, and educator. He's renowned for his deep understanding of herbalism and traditional healing practices.

Where to Find Him: You can explore Guido's teachings in his book "The Wild Medicine Solution" and through online courses and workshops offered by herbal education platforms.

Ryn Midura and Katja Swift

Best Known For: Ryn and Katja are co-founders of the Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism. They're known for their practical and approachable approach to herbalism.

Where to Find Them: You can enroll in their online courses and programs offered by the Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism to access their wealth of knowledge.

Steven Horne

Best Known For: Steven Horne is a prolific herbalist and educator. He's known for his expertise in herbal medicine and holistic health.

Where to Find Him: Steven offers online courses, webinars, and herbal conferences where you can tap into his extensive knowledge of herbalism.

Jim McDonald

Best Known For: Jim McDonald is a renowned herbalist and teacher known for his witty and informative approach to herbal education.

Where to Find Him: You can explore Jim's teachings through his blog, online courses, and by attending his workshops and classes, often held in various locations.

Henriette Kress

Best Known For: Henriette Kress is a herbalist, author, and creator of one of the internet's oldest herbal websites.

Where to Find Her: Henriette shares her herbal knowledge on her website, in her book "Practical Herbs," and through her online presence and social media.

Remember that herbal medicine is a diverse field, and different educators may specialize in various aspects of it. Whether you're interested in foraging for herbs, crafting herbal remedies, or diving deep into traditional herbal systems, you can find the right teacher to guide you on your herbal journey. Explore their teachings, immerse yourself in the world of herbal wisdom, and cultivate your skills as a herbalist.

herbal books for beginners

Herbal Books For Beginners

As a beginner, the world of herbalism can be overwhelming. These books will provide you with a strong foundation and a fun way to explore the rich tradition of herbal medicine.

Whether you're looking for guidance on foraging for herbs, creating your own herbal remedies, or understanding traditional herbal systems, these resources are your trusted companions on your herbal journey.

Each book is a gateway to a different aspect of herbal wisdom, offering a unique perspective and valuable insights. Whether you're exploring the vibrant world of herbs for personal well-being or considering a career in herbalism, these beginner-friendly books are an excellent place to start.

So, pick up the right herb book for you, dive into the world of herbalism, and embark on your herbal journey towards vibrant health and holistic well-being. Happy reading and herb exploring!

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