The 7 Powerful Health Benefits of Garlic, Lemon, Ginger, Apple Cider Vinegar, And Honey Combination (With An Immunity Shot Recipe)

The Benefits of Garlic Lemon Ginger Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey Combination are tremendous. Let's go over all of the amazing benefits and learn how to make a powerful immunity shot recipe!

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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Information and statements shown here are for educational and informational purposes only and are not to replace the advice of your healthcare professional. 

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This garlic, lemon, ginger, apple cider vinegar, and honey combination makes a powerful immune-boosting tonic that can be stored as a natural remedy for so many ailments. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of chewing up garlic when you’ve caught a virus, taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar for gut health, or starting the day with warm lemon water. All of these practices are good, but when you combine them they actually become so much stronger.

The combination of these powerful ingredients works together as a natural way to heal the body. This tonic will boost your immune system, fight off viruses and bacteria, balance your cholesterol, sugar levels, and blood pressure, promote weight loss, heal your sore throat, and more!

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Instead of always paying upwards of $50 for immunity tonics and wellness products online, try making this natural home remedy in a bottle using locally sourced ingredients. It’ll cost you less than $10 to make at home and yields about 30 servings (1 tablespoon per serving)! 

7 The Benefits of Garlic Lemon Ginger Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey Combination

There are countless benefits to these specific ingredients, so let’s go over just a few to inspire us. 

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Weight Loss

Although this should not be the main reason you drink this tonic, weight management could be a benefit from doing so. For example, this study found a high intake of vinegar reduced extra body fat in obese mice. It also found anti-inflammatory effects, assisting the weight loss efforts. (Source)

Not only that, the vitamin c found in lemon helps with fat oxidation (the process of breaking down fatty acids) and honey can lower lipid/fat activities, both assisting to boost metabolism.

Sometimes weight gain can be due to fluid retention. This tonic helps to hydrate the body and remove toxins, allowing fluid to flow normally so that the body does not retain it. 

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Sore Throat

If you feel a sore throat or throat irritation coming on, you usually drink some tea with honey, right? It’s soothing, and relaxing, and coats your throat with a silk-like substance. 

With this tonic, you’re not only getting the benefits of a honey remedy, you’re also fighting any infection with many compounds found in garlic, ginger, lemon, and apple cider vinegar. 

I suggest mixing a tablespoon with warm water and gargling the first sip. Then drink the rest as normal. 

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Heart Health

If you have any heart health issues or high cholesterol levels, the main culprit is usually plaque obstructing blood flow. This tonic helps by chipping away at any heart blockages and increasing blood circulation, therefore allowing the blood to regulate and flow easily to and from the heart. 

A 5-month study involving about 100 Japanese women shows that lemon juice intake each day (combined with walking) was significantly correlated with reductions in systolic blood pressure, most likely from the citric acid and flavonoid content of lemons. (source)

The risk of heart disease is so high, that it is the leading cause of death in America! If you have high blood pressure or are at risk of a heart attack, you might want to give this daily tonic a try.

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Blood Sugar Levels

It has been shown that vinegar can regulate blood sugar levels. The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar is especially beneficial for a diabetic patient. When you take 2 tablespoons of ACV at night, your morning fasting blood sugar numbers can drop over time. When taken with meals, ACV can decrease the glycemic load associated with the meal. 

Fiber is also shown to decrease blood sugar levels. This tonic contains some fiber by including the whole ingredients instead of just their juices. I even recommend using the lemon peel in this tonic as well. There are 6 grams of fiber in just 1 tablespoon of lemon peel!

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Gut Health

The amount of polyphenols and vitamins in this tonic helps improve gut health overall. 

ACV has good bacteria for the gut (as you always want good bacteria to overcrowd the bad bacteria in your gut). As stated above, lemons are rich in vitamin C and fiber for your gut. Raw honey is a great prebiotic, which nourishes the good bacteria in your gut. Gingerol, a compound found in ginger, helps gut motility (helping food move along the intestinal tract at a good speed). Someone might suggest eating ginger or drinking ginger tea for this reason when you have a stomach ache. And finally, garlic also contains prebiotics and inulin fiber for your gut! 

In the end, taking this tonic daily could heavily improve your gut health, whether you have IBS or irregular stomach cramps from food. 

If you suffer with gas and bloating, check out this blog article on how to reduce gas and bloating on a vegan diet!

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Powerful Antioxidant 

Antioxidants are substances that may protect your cells against free radicals, which may play a role in heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. (Source)

We walk around daily being exposed to a lot of free radicals. We must fight these free radicals and prohibit them from damaging our cells. We do this by consuming antioxidants. 

Antioxidants are so important to consume daily from a wide range of foods. Berries, leafy greens, herbs, and so many more foods are full of antioxidants. Garlic, ginger, and honey from this tonic recipe are especially high in antioxidants too!

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Natural Antibiotic 

Natural antibiotics fight against viral infections like cold and flu. The ingredients found in this tonic all have powerful antibiotic properties!

I always try to avoid taking prescription antibiotics if I can help it. When I feel cold symptoms or any viral infection coming on, I take 1-2 tablespoons of this tonic up to 3x per day and it usually kicks the infection to the curb within a couple of days! 

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immune tonic in glass jar with lid

The list of health benefits associated with garlic, lemon, ginger, apple cider vinegar, and honey is too long to list here. The number of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics & prebiotics, hydration, antiviral, antibacterial, antibiotics, and antifungal properties is so numerous! 

Try this tonic daily for 2-3 weeks and note any health changes in your life. Leave me a comment down below of any significant changes in your health, I’d love to hear! 

Are There Any Side Effects?

Like most herbal tonics, there could be side effects associated. Always speak to your doctor before taking anything you’re unsure about. If you have any specific medical conditions, it’s always best to receive professional medical advice before introducing a new dietary supplement. 

Moderation with anything is key. Make sure not to take more than recommended and always keep out of reach of children. 

When it comes to garlic, lemon, ginger, apple cider vinegar, and honey in combination, there are very few risks associated. This tonic is safe for most people since it uses easy-to-find, plant-based, natural ingredients. 

What You’ll Need For This Immunity Tonic Recipe

Kitchen Tools


All you need for this immune-boosting tonic is 5 simple yet effective ingredients that can be found in almost any grocery store or health food store. 

It’s important to use organic ingredients if you can for this immune tonic. It won’t cost you much more than non-organic and it will pay off big time, especially if using the skin of the lemon and/or ginger. 

apple cider vinegar with the mother

Apple Cider Vinegar - ACV is made by fermenting the sugar from apples. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-carcinogenic. I always suggest getting organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar “with the mother” as the mother of vinegar contains proteins, enzymes, and friendly bacteria for gut health. 

ACV can also be used on the body as a facial toner, hair conditioner, and more. 

organic lemons

Lemon - We all know lemon juice is good for you... but why? Why do influencers talk about drinking warm lemon water in the morning? It helps flush the body of toxins right as you wake up and gets the digestive juices flowing in order to better digest your breakfast. I like to include some peel in this tonic as there are many benefits in the lemon’s skin! 

Lemon juice is also a great source of flavonoids, which have anti-inflammatory effects on your body. By protecting your cells, you’re protecting your body against many lifestyle diseases. 

organic ginger root

Ginger - I love fresh ginger! It has a slight heat to it when drinking as a tea or in this tonic, but it is so good for you. When buying ginger, go for organic. It’ll look like a weird little claw. Simply cut off two thumb-like sizes and peel. Some people even peel it with a fork to save more of the meat! 

fresh organic garlic

Garlic - Garlic produces allicin when it’s chopped, chewed, or crushed. This is a compound with powerful antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-carcinogenic properties. This active compound is only beneficial when it’s raw, not cooked. 

For best results, make sure to get an organic bulb of garlic. 

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Honey - I like to use local, raw organic honey when possible. If I have to choose between the two, I would opt for local honey. It isn’t that organic is not as important, it’s because organic is a certification that some farmers simply cannot afford or do not bother to get. If buying from a local farmer’s market, ask the vendor about their honey. 

Local honey is helpful to combat allergies... It’s like giving your body a microdose of the local allergens so that you can get used to them and don’t react as negatively to pollen and such. If you don’t have access to local honey, go for organic. 

How To Make This Beneficial Combination


Step-By-Step Instructions

Peel and chop all your ingredients into smaller chunks. 

immunity tonic ingredients in blender

Blend until smooth (might look like a thick paste but don’t add any other liquids to thin it). 

immunity tonic blended

Store in a clean, airtight container or jar in the fridge for up to 6 months. 

immunity tonic recipe


The longer this tonic sits in the fridge, the stronger the health benefits become. This is because it starts to ferment as time passes. 

How Long Can You Save This In The Fridge?

The natural citric acid from the lemon and natural sugar from honey both act as a preservative, allowing it to last for up to 6 months in the fridge. 

Why Is It More Potent The Longer It Sits?

This tonic ferments while it sits in the fridge, giving it a higher mineral and antioxidant profile. 

How Much Can I Take?

I recommend starting with 1 tablespoon per day in the morning before your first meal. As you start getting used to this amount, you can increase to 1 tablespoon morning and night if you’d like. If you’re fighting an infection or sickness, I suggest taking 3 tablespoons per day until the infection subsides, then going back to 1 tablespoon as maintenance. 

Can I Add Anything To It?

Yep, you can customize this tonic as you please (although I suggest keeping the main ingredients). There are some suggestions for what to add at the bottom of this post.

3 Best Ways To Consume This Tonic

There are a variety of ways to consume this healing tonic, so here are my top methods. Try all 3 and see which way you like to consume it!

  1. Mix 1 tablespoon of the tonic with 1 cup of orange, apple, or pineapple juice and drink in the morning. This is the most kid-friendly method!
  2. Mix 1 tablespoon with warm water and consume in the morning before breakfast or at night before bed. You can add an extra teaspoon of honey if you like it sweeter, like tea. 
  3. Take 1 tablespoon straight by mouth without adding anything else. This method is the most potent, but easiest way!

Want to Learn More About Making Your Own Herbal Remedies?

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benefits of garlic lemon ginger apple cider vinegar and honey combination

Lemon, Ginger, ACV, Garlic, Honey Immunity Shot Recipe

This lemon, ginger, apple cider vinegar, garlic and honey combination makes a great immune-boosting tonic that can be stored as a natural remedy to colds and flu! Just 5 minutes of preparation will yield 30 servings of this immunity shot recipe. 
4.86 from 7 votes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Blending time 3 minutes
Total Time 8 minutes
Course Drinks
Servings 25 servings


  • Blender Or Food Processor
  • Jar with lid or airtight container


  • 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar raw with the mother
  • 2 small fresh lemons cut into large chunks with skin peeled or not
  • 2 thumbs of ginger peeled and cut into chunks
  • 6-8 fresh garlic cloves peeled
  • 1/2 cup raw local honey


  • Add all ingredients to a blender. Blend on high for 2-3 minutes.
  • Transfer to an airtight container or jar (preferably glass) and store in the fridge for up to 6 months.
  • Take 1 tablespoon per day on its own, with juice, or with warm water. Best taken on an empty stomach in the morning or before bed.



The longer this tonic sits in the fridge, the stronger the immune-boosting components become. At the same time, the tonic will start tasting milder and a little sweeter as it sits. I like to make it at least 2 weeks in advance to store in the fridge before consuming.
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Can You Add Other Ingredients?

Yep! If you’d like to add more immune-boosting ingredients you might want to try:

Let me know in the comments below if you added anything else so that others could get some ideas! Feel free to customize this tonic as you please. 

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K.Satya Prasad

5 stars
I have been using for the past 2months.
There is lot of improvement in my heart health. My heart rate was stabilized and BP is under control.
Digestive issues are also gone. I am 57 years old.

Rosie S


Rosie S

Can this be added to hot water as a drink?

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5 stars
Best thing ever! After I got sick with COVID I would get sick constantly and I saw this and made it and I haven’t got sick in a while! I swear by this drink, I recommend it

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Naseem A Khan

I am 66 years old man. I made this compound with 1 cup ACV, 1 cup lemon juice 1 cup garlic & ginger juice each. I boiled this mixture until 4 cups reduced to 3. When it became cold, I added 1 cup honey and 3 spoons black seeds (kalonji). I stored in refrigerator and take one spoon before breakfast. Please share your experience in this regard.

Naseem A Khan

I actually got to know about this recipe from an Indian site which is famous for it. I added kaonji by myself because it's not only tasteful but also very good for health issues of all kinds. I feel better now and this mixture has reduced my belly fats.


5 stars
Hi. I was actually looking for a recipe that gave me the proportions that did not involve boiling. Like the gentleman mentioned most Indian sites seems to recommend boiling. But in my very limited experience with Keto the groups had advised that ACV is not to be boiled. And of course am familiar with the benefits of raw ginger and garlic. Thanks so much for sharing. By the way I have actually lost nearly 1 kg in four days with this


4 stars
the mixture isnt pasty like on the picture. It’s Very rynny, is the ACV and honey 1/2 cup each? Seems like Too much liquids?


5 stars
Two days after my 35th birthday, I was told by my cardiologist that I've had "silent" heart attacks due to anxiety. I always ignored the chest pains and cramps as hypertension. I have two teenagers, and this scared me. I made a double batch of this with added turmeric and cayenne, and I was so nervous to try it. I love it! I am excited to use this to help me better maintain my heart health. Thank you for this delicious recipe!

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5 stars
Can I drink the whole thing at once?

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June Lindo

As a diabectic can I still add the honey?

Hoa Cao

5 stars
You can eat the miracle fruit it will change your bud taste from sour to sweet and you will enjoy drink this with the sweet taste not sour.

June Lindo

Can this be taken with coconut water?

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